Bad Client List

From reading this page, some may get the impression that many clients of sex professionals are violent. Please be aware that bad and undesirable clients are the exception, not the rule. They represent a tiny percentage. The vast majority of clients are kind and good men. They are fathers, husbands, brothers, sons etc. and are nothing like the men listed here.

Due to legal reasons, we can now only publish partial names, phone numbers or addresses of most bad clients. However we can publish the full information of some of them. SPOC does have more information on each bad client. If you are a sex worker and want this info, do not hesitate to email us at

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To report a bad client, contact us HERE

Click here for more info on reporting a bad date to Special Victims, Sex Crimes Unit. (they deal specifically with sexual assualts against sex professionals).

Important info about reporting a bad client.

It's best if we have the date and time it happened as well as if it was an incall, outcall or car or street client. Also it helps if we know how he found you, i.e., ad, internet, yellow pages, etc. We need to know his race, height, weight and age. Approximations are fine. What kind of clothes was he wearing? What was his apt/house like, or if a car date, what kind of car? License plate # is always good to have. Also good is a cell and or land line # and internet handle/address. Anything else you can remember (we know it may be difficult after a traumatic situation ), is extremely important.

Any other Bad Dates from anywhere in Canada can be on this site within 24hrs after we get the info.


Stella's, a sex workers advocacy agency based in Montreal, has excellent Montreal area bad date information.
They can be reached at 1-514-285-1599 or 1-514-285-8889 (they accept collect calls from women in prison)